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Had myself an interesting run of Mandalorian Raiders HM on my Shadow tank earlier this afternoon.

Shadows seem a bit squishy on 2.0, at least compared to the Guardian, so I tend to pull a bit more carefully and with more generous use of cooldowns. We had a DPS dropping out at the start, nothing unusual, and clearing the way proceeded as it normally would. Along the way our healer started asking to be guarded - a request I generally don't pay attention to. In hard modes I prefer to keep aggro on myself and with only a 66 hilt I therefore guard the hardest hitting DPS.
So we come up on one of the nastier pulls. The one where you go through a door, a strong mob will come running at you (which can be pulled separately), and the mobs on the next pull will spawn adds from a blast door on the left. Much as it usually happens, a DPS manages to pull both the running strong mob and the group behind. I AoE taunt, pop Deflection, throw Slow Time and proceed to spam Force Breach and Whirling Blow. I die. Afterwards our healer tells us she won't be healing me until she's guarded. Sounding an awful lot like an ultimatum effectively holding the party hostage until she gets her way. I simply reply that I won't be guarding a healer in a 55 HM.
I try the pull again, pretty much same approach. Now guarding the 31k HP Sentinel that joined us as a replacement for the dropout from earlier. Receiving no heals whatsoever. The inevitable vote kick of the healer fails, leaving me no choice but to abandon the run and sticking the healer and both DPS on ignore.

I wonder what might have happened had I kept at it until the first boss, Braxx the Bloodhound...
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