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I did a pug EV a little while ago, on my assassin tank. Got to Gharj without trouble even though we had a lot of first-timers. But now, when I was starting to explain the tactics, 1 dps (probably accidentally) aggroed the boss. The other tank was there for the first time and had 7k less hp, so I thought that okay, I'll tank this. I tanked the boss to face away from the group while 1 of the healers gave a really fast overview on the fight, mostly just "when the platform starts to sink, move to the next one". Platform started to sink. We moved. Expect the offtank.

Okay, everybody does mistakes, I thought. He got a combat-revive and was back at the fight - and I really fast learned to hope that he wasn't. Suddenly, boss turned to face the ops group. I had a little ***-moment, we didn't have any ridicously great-geared dps and I had guarded the one that was best-geared, how did I lose aggro? But soon I noticed the little taunt icon on the boss - and it wasn't my taunt. The offtank, who was standing with the dps, had taunted the boss. I taunted it back and told him not to taunt the boss to face the ops group. But he kept doing it. He was told by other people to stop doing it. He still kept doing it. Actually, one time, I was tanking the boss to face away and he taunted. I taunted the boss back. Then he aoe taunted, and I had to aoe taunt to get the boss to face the right direction. It was like the boss had a new mechanic, a minion who kept forcing the boss to attack the group.

We ended up losing some of our dps (not sure if it was because of this tank or because they didn't know the tactics or what, I was kind of busy to pay attention to where our dps lost their hp the most) and the boss enraged when he had something like 5% hp.
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