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Welcome to the Premiere of the Stars of the War Fashion Promenade, your chance to show off your favorite look to fellow Begeren Colonists. This event will be taking place at approximately 7pm Pacific time on Saturday June 1.



-Each participant will get a chance to show off his or her favorite outfit. Each entry will be scored by a panel of judges based on their own assessment of attributes such as creativity, attractiveness, etc.

-The judges' scores will be averaged to decide the top 3 participants, who will earn prizes:
1st Place: Advanced Black-Green Color Crystal
2nd Place: 2 Color Dye Kits
3rd Place: 1 Color Dye Kit

-Apart from the judges' prizes, I will be awarding each participant with a unique title based on their overall look, which will be released in a video covering the event.

-The event will take place at the Tower of Prophecy on Voss

-The event will most likely be narrated on TeamSpeak, with everyone welcome to listen in.

-It should be a safe zone, but please unflag yourself just in case, we want it to be a friendly event.

-On the day of the event, get in contact with Kirax or Urdnought to find out when you're up (it should be moving fairly quickly so try not to be late).

-Contestants will be walking down one of the ramps seen in the picture when they are called, then feel free to pose/emote for the camera.

-Make sure your outfit is ready to go when you're called, don't forget things like which weapon you're using!



-By joining the show you agree to abide by the decisions of the judges. Yes it's all subjective but it should be fun, we don't want arguments.
-If you would like to participate but can't make it, send me an image of you wearing your outfit in the Tower of Prophecy. You won't be eligible for the main prizes but you will get to be part of the slideshow and recieve your secondary prize for participating

I would much appreciate any feedback or ideas, as you can see I have thought some of it out but need some help finalizing a few details. The best way to contact me is to either post your message in the thread or send me one privately on the site either here or on the Ascension forums. Please sign up or ask questions as you are interested, I'm hoping to make the event great for everyone but I can't do it on my own!
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