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05.14.2013 , 06:55 PM | #10
Having geared my previously-DPS guardian for tanking in the past two weeks, I can probably offer some advice.

I too highly recommend re'ing up to the purples, at least for the enhancements. These high-mitigation enhancements will serve you for a good long time. Augments and armorings can be blues without sacrificing too much, imo. But I just re'd all the armorings, mods, and augments to purples to make a full set.

I wouldn't be too wary of the 50 FPs. Outside of Directive 7 and Lost Island, there are really not any mechanics that you would need to worry about before going in. And they are far far easier than the 55s...tanks are completely optional for the most part. In fact, I wouldn't even worry about gear for these...equip a shield, change stance, maybe a minor respec, and you are fine. And since they give basic comms, they are a good way to grind for tanking relics.