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I have a large amount of disposable income and I choose to spend it on items in this game that I enjoy. I also choose to support a game I like with a subscription and over $200 per month in cartel spending. I do this happily because I like the game. Some people drink, others go to casinos, I play MMO's. It's my hobby.

I (and others like me) am totally to blame.

I (and others like me) am the reason that this game is thriving and things are looking up for the future. Rather than being mostly left off the EA shareholder report as it had been in the past the game was a high note for the company talking about revenue growth and increased profit. I'm not sure if you are aware of this but profitable companies do not invest money in low revenue ventures. More cartel spending equal more development for the game. This is a positive sign if you enjoy SWTOR.

So in essence I (and others like me) am to blame for your future content, the continued salaries and jobs for developers, and the all around good vibes and recovering PR for this game.

I will never ask you to thank me either, but you can continue to blame me if you want.
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