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05.14.2013 , 01:50 PM | #8
Light\Dark Holiday is the guild you are looking for. We are a mature guild with members in both factions. We have an active Teamspeak server for operations, events, PVP, PVE or just talking and socializing in general. We are filled with helpful members, have a useful and informative website and most importantly have a great social gaming attitude.

For operations, we take a more relaxed yet progressive approach. We have multiple nights of operations (including the weekends) but you only need to sign up with the ones you wish to do. We do have a minimum gear requirement to keep wiping to a minimum on the harder operations. You can bring any character you wish and when you sign up you can assign the role you want.

Take a look at our website or look up us in game. You can find us at or in game “/who Holiday”and feel free to chat with any of our members.

We are about having fun, being successful and allowing everyone the chance to run an operation, PVP or whatever other event you wish to do.