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You bought a television from Sony. Suddenly after six months Sony sends some guys over to your place who are saying that you can keep the TV but they're going to change it so you can watch only one channel. You'll get an option of switching channels if you'll pay extra $. That's what happened here. You're ridiculous if you're fine with it. Andryah no. 2
So if I'm reading this right your talking about some of the items that weren't bound that are now. Before you bounced them around? I guess, I see what you're saying now, but still, isn't it better to just be able to clone it ALL your characters if you like it so much? How much is the unlock?

Also the point of just buying others on the GTN is a good point too as another way around. Most of those 'toys' you're talking about don't sell for more than 1k on GTN anyway.