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Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
You're saying that you are not going to change things as they were and players are used to them that way. And suddenly you're pulling out ninja-change nobody suspected.
I suspected this would happen. If they didn't change these, than any new toys would be unfairly worse.

I continue to see your anger on these vanity issues and it really baffles me. Seriously, you're blowing this way too out of proportion when you can send your alt the same toy that costs probably 50k credits for something they will have permanently in the game.

Are you seriously creating 12 alts on a server and leveling them up all the time and need to have all your toys flying around you? I somehow doubt that. If it's really true, then pony up the credz, but, as stated before, it wouldn't be fair for someone to get a toy post 2.1 that's stuck to one character while someone else can transfer their toy, freely.