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05.14.2013 , 10:55 AM | #16
Nice. Paying with CCs to change eye color for my character. CCs! And where the hell is option to pay with credits? Will soon BioWare remove them entirely leaving us pay everything with CC? I thought there was an option to choose what currency I want to use. I am a subscriber and I can't even use 100% of the game! Does BioWare employ thieves or something? Because it certainly look like. To unlock Cathar pay with CC, dye your armor pay with CC, change your looks pay with CC, get new cuztomization options pay with CC, DO ANYTHING pay with CC. This is crazy! And SWTOR is not the game I used to play anymore. I started my adventure in June 2012. And I realy wish to continue it but BW makes me realy to end it right now.