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This is not cool. I am not buying anymore of the lies of the kind "We're not going to change the way items are because players are used to them and like them. They might not be happy with the change." Sorry but those items, the toys, were like this 6-7 months. We were free to send them over to alts and enjoy them while leveling or just playing with other characters. Nobody cared. Everyone was happy. Nobody asked for a change. Why do I need to pay for an item which I already paid for (cartel packs) after MONTHS of having it? Why?

You're saying that you are not going to change things as they were and players are used to them that way. And suddenly you're pulling out ninja-change nobody suspected.

This is just LOW.

We already paid hard $ for the toys we had. We should not pay twice enjoy them the way we used to in the past 7 months!

This is a quote from Eric Musco regarding an armor set which perfectly applies to this situation and Bioware is not being honest with us:
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Hey everyone,

What is really interesting is that you folks are having a very similar conversation/debate to what happened internally when making this decision. There are two sides of the coin we had to look at. 1) Be sensitive to those who like the current look of the armor and to not take away what they enjoy. 2) That the current appearance contains a bug (which we of course would not want to leave in place) and isn't entirely canonical.

As indicated in my last post, we decided to err on the side of caution and to not change the appearance in the event that some players liked it. However, after continuing to read this thread it is clear that players in general care the most about the armor appearing canonical and not have an appearance bug in place. I do realize the forums are just one component of our entire community but I am inclined to believe a lot of players, even those outside the forums, would like to see the armor be more canonical.

After passing that information on to the team we have decided that we will be changing Revan's armor, and more than just the double hood! I will have more specifics later on, but aside from just fixing the double hood, you will see some color adjustments, etc. in the armor overall. Our current target for these changes will be Game Update 2.2.

I want to reiterate that when these changes take place, we will not be releasing a classic version of Revan's armor - the new appearance will be the only appearance available.

Thanks everyone!