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05.14.2013 , 10:28 AM | #1
The sheer amount of shock and anger I feel for Bioware right now.

Your telling me I need a full set of whatever items I already own to unlock it via collections? ***?

I coulda sworn one of your goons did an interview with Dulfy over this system "Items will be bound individually yadayada, Revans mask to name one."

My example is this:
I bought the Eradicators Set, disliked and/or didn't need the belt or bracers at the time and sold them on the GTN for some extra creds right? Right, so 2.1 rolls out and apparently Bioware has gone back on their word.

I'll be damned if I buy another set off the market of the SAME item to unlock it for my entire account, who the HELL thought this was a brilliant idea? Did you not think your players would mix an match set pieces on characters to create a truly individual look? Is this not the point of 'customizing' your characters? To create a unique look?

No, instead of doing that Bioware, you went for the gosh darn cash cow manuever yet again, first the gambling packs, then the gambling DYE packs, now the limitations for the collection system.

So, with all that anger out of my system, I'd like to formally start a petition to do the following:
1) Unlock Items you ALREADY own and have their OWN unlock cost.
Example: You purchase the legs and boots of the Erad set, and nothing else, a new version of the collection menu allows you to buy JUST those items for unlock throughout your entire account.

If you have any constructive ideas, throw them in here as well. If you feel like sticking up for Bioware and saying this current system is so amazing yadayada, well I doubt you'll find much sympathy in this thread.

Eric Musco and Cory Butler, complicit in mishandling, misleading and otherwise giving a false answer to their customer base, fansite editor(s) regarding how 2.1's Collection System would be handled.

No wonder no one from Bioware apologized, or bothered to answer this thread, your actions speak louder than words.

PS: I DARE a CSR to pop in and apologize for Bioware going back on their word: