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Unfortunately it can never be implemented to actually determine who you get grouped with. Bad players being grouped with other bad players is a recipe for people quitting the game. It's much easier to stick a bad player in a group of awesome people so you know they can be easily carried through the content.

It may also dissuade people from accepting a queue pop if they come across, say, my vanguard alt, who has tanked all of 3 hardmodes, but I'm extremely experienced tanking in tor, so his rating wouldn't necessarily reflect my level of skill at my role.

I would love to see something like challenge modes or personal achievements for completion times on fp's or something that other players could compete for. Or, make it determined by legacy so every toon you play on contributes to your "score" or something.

Of course, if other players did the voting themselves, it opens the floor for that one person who hates you, or felt like being an *** for the day, downvoting people for no reason. I'd prefer a value calculated by the system based on my performance.
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