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Of course you'll remember THAT ONE TIME someone stole your goodies in an fp. What you don't recall is the people passing on mounts so you can have what you don't have yet, people not taking gear because it's better for you than them....

On the whole the majority of GF peoples seem to be fairly decent, with only one or two groups a week being bad for me. I get my loot ninja'd? Ignore the guy and drop group right then and there. As I'm the guy tanking, the entire group will likely rag on him for it and hopefully when it disbands rather than waiting 40 minutes for another tank, he'll realize it was a bad idea.

But, as I said, on the whole, people seem fairly courteous and even generous when it comes to loot. But of course, there's always that one guy....

As to why there isn't an advanced class bonus roll or something... Personally, I like rolling need on dps / other gear if my companions can use it AND NOBODY IN THE GROUP ROLLED NEED. I believe it's perfectly fine to either watch the rolls go and need on whatever you want if nobody cares, or ask if you really feel obligated. An advanced class bonus to your roll might impact the ability to get gear for when I respec or to gear out my comps. It's a small issue, but it's there nonetheless.

I suppose if everyone hits greed and you hit need that advanced bonus wouldn't need to be applied since you're the only one that wants it so naturally it can default to you. However, if you completely lock out certain classes rolling on certain stats, there's the issue.
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