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Companion design also seems to affect how much your class suffers this. As a Sentinel, my stuff rarely if ever was taken for stupid reasons. With Assassin and Powertech, it happened ... pretty much never.

With my Sage, I frequently watched stuff disappear to Jedi Knights. Since it was always a male Jedi Knight, I'm assuming it was related to desperately trying to coerce Kira Carsen into having sex with him.

As Operative, it's just non-stop it feels like every other group I run with (if not every group, some nights) has someone who thinks they can Need on every Cunning piece, because:
  • It's for Mako
  • It's for Quinn
  • It's for Gault
  • It's for Talos
  • It's for Vette
  • It's for Andronikos
  • ...

Lesson: don't roll a class that uses the same prime stat as everyone's favorite Companions, in a game that offers zero protection against stupid, confused, inexperienced, or just consciously-selfish players endlessly abusing the Need button.

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Actually I think that they should add a +100 points to needs on same stat gear, such as Inquisitors would get +100 for Willpower gear, and of course the other classes would get the same. It would at least keep it so that if a Bounty Hunter tries to roll need on a peice of gear that the Sorc Healer needs at least the Sorc would only have to contend with other Inquisitors for it.
This is such a sensible suggestion, I can't comprehend why the system doesn't have it implemented this way baseline.