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05.14.2013 , 01:51 AM | #134
Yesterday in Colicoid war-game FP on my sniper.

We cleared first phase, and proceed down the tunnel where the first 4 droids are. 2nd dps turned on the dps droid lying near with scavenging (or was it slicing - i dunno). We ccd one droid and proceed to kill other but the tanks hp seemed to be going down slowly but constantly (he was 42 and good geared for that flashpoint), he used his cooldowns and started shouting for heals but fell dead short after - we killed the droids anyway and heres what healer said :

"I'm sorry, i was healing the droid, he is nice dps."

But the thing i see more often and bothers me alot on my tank are healers equipped with old Recruit level pvp gear in 55 HM's. Sigh...
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