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A few things to note:

1 -- The mini-pets from Bioanalysis and Salvaging allow you to hit your Heroic Moment for this fight. This allows you to use your Legacy Heroic Moment skills, and provides a passive HP regen. I suggest hitting it at the start of the fight since they will die with the first AoE. (This is the less important part of this video)

2 -- You can pull the beast into the hallway leading into the temple behind him. The tank stands in the corner and the DPS stands against the little jut out of the wall going down the hallway. This will allow you to have more time between the AoE scream/pound damage and the adds being in the group. It is extremely important that you do not go down the hall, this will lead to you getting pushed past the red forcefield into the Bat room and your group will probably wipe. Against the wall will prevent you from getting knocked around with the AoE KB.

These two things combined turn a rather annoying fight into a completely trivial one.
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