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I would personally just stack on endurance. Defense, dodge, and absorb/shield all have one major drawback: they only protect from kinetic and energy damage. Bosses like firebrand + Stormcaller, Zorn, TFB, etc. and PvP deal internal/elemental damage, which is unprotected. More health makes you endure longer.
Just to elaborate on how epically bad this advice is, I/E damage (which is the primary justification the poster is using for "omg, moar hp!") is actually *incredibly* uncommon in the current ops: S&V has almost none and neither does TfB. The only I/E damage the Terror deals is the patch of goo, which, if you're not an idiot, you're not going to take any damage from. Zorn and Stormcaller are from *old* ops content, so they're not even relevant (even then, you didn't want to stack hp because those bosses didn't even deal enough damage to make you worry).

Shielding is helpful for Vanguards/power techs.
Defense is helpful for Guardians/Juggernauts.
Dodge and especially high endurance is helpful for shadows/assassins.
But remember: in the tanking of today, MORE HP = MORE GOOD!
Furthermore, all of this advice except for the bit about Guardians is blatantly untrue. First off, Dodge isn't a stat and, even if you were confusing it with Defense (which increases your Defense chance which, in the combat logs, is described as a "dodge", though, if you were using that, I would assume you would have used the same term for both Guardians and Shadows).

Secondly, Vanguards actually want to stack a lot of *Defense* and Shadows want to stack the living hell out of *Absorb*, and *no one* wants to stack hp. More HP != more good. In fact, more hp almost always means *less* good, because you're going to have an hp pool that is only slightly larger than that of someone who is mitigation stacked, but you're going to end up taking *gobs* more damage and requiring *loads* more healing. The fact that a good portion of a Shadow's self healing is based off of percent of max hp does not mean that Endurance is an amazing survivability stat for them. As it stands, the conversion rate between Endurance and a single point of a mitigation stat is something like 2.5:1, meaning that, unless the gain is Endurance is 250% of the loss in mitigation stats, you're making yourself *less* survivable by swapping that gear.

Endurance is *not* a useful stat. You'll get all of the Endurance you need tangentially while maximizing your mitigation stats. Anyone that tells you that hp is the mark of a good tank has *no* idea what they're doing.
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