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I do have all crafting professions though and could craft a full set of blue lvl 66 gear for starters. Would you consider this adequate for 55 HMs? (it should be as the GF says required item lvl is 148, which is 66 blue)
While it is good enough, why would you stop there? You can take it one step beyond and craft 66 purples, and you should do this, especially with enhancements since crafted 66 enhancement will be better than any of the 69 stuff you buy with elite commendations since most of the stuff you buy with commendations is so massively endurance heavy they have less defense/absorb than some of the stuff several levels lower (and more endurance certainly is not better if it comes at the cost of mitigation).

Also if you have any classic commendations just buy some of the campaign gear (especially those pieces that give set bonus are well worth getting), since while purple 61s are perhaps slightly worse in comparison blue 66 with same type of mod and enhancement, the difference is very small, hardly noticeable (and if you get your hands on any purple 63s those are better than 66 blues).
Maybe just add few crafted 66 purples to the mix and you have way better than what is necessary for the 55 flashpoints.