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05.13.2013 , 08:09 PM | #1
I am thinking to switch most of my DPS toons to either tank or heal, as I do not enjoy the waiting time in the queue

I do have a Sorc healer as main on Imp side and a Guardian tank as main on Rep side and did run the FPs many times, so neither the tanking or healing mechanics are new to me and I do know the FPs.

What I am worrying now is gearing up for the tanks. With healers it is mostly taking out accuracy for alacrity and be good to go, but tanks do need a complete different itemization than DPS. I do have all crafting professions though and could craft a full set of blue lvl 66 gear for starters. Would you consider this adequate for 55 HMs? (it should be as the GF says required item lvl is 148, which is 66 blue)

I am wary to go for 50s HM because I made quite a long brake in the game before 2.0 and started to do group content only recently which means I am only familiar with the 55 FPs but not so with the 50s. And a tank that doesn't know the FP is a pain I would like to spare the groups I would be running with.

How would you approach it?