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Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached ONE THOUSAND STORIES on this thread! The 49 authors of the thread have earned 166,000 pageviews while writing a combined 857,619 words over the past year. That's the word count equivalent of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy plus the first three and a half Harry Potter books!

The thousandth story, by my count, is YoshiRaphElan's Fame/Heroism. Congratulations!

Some figures from the stories thus far:

Longest: Ereiniel's Teachers and Heroes entry, with 5676 words. The longest multi-post story is Morgani's Brothers and Sisters, which weighs in at 19197 words.

Shortest: Striges' Varrel Umrahiel in Ceremonies, with 42 words. Unless you want to count the single word of Nalenne's contribution to bright_ephemera's four-part Tauntaun Roundup.

Timeline earliest: Striges' Varrel Umrahiel in a First about half a century before the class line.

Timeline latest: kabeone's Lord Scourge in the RemiGrey!verse, with a Worst Day Ever in 281 ATC.

The Old Faithful Club: Five authors have posted at least one story per month ever since the SFC was founded: Tatile, Striges, Magdalane, kabeone, and iamthehoyden.

Story counts:

OCs (original characters):


Companions and NPCs:


Thanks for the stories, and keep on writing!
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