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Dark Heal for quick healing when Innervate is on cooldown. It's pretty good burst healing when combined with Recklessness, too. (Don't waste Recklessness charges when you have Resurgence proc up, I'm talking about when that along with Innervate is on cooldown.) If I REALLY need to pour on the burst, I'll add Polarity Shift to that.

Dark Infusion when there is time to cast.

When in doubt about whether there's time for Dark Infusion, I Dark Heal.

My Force management can get pretty spikey at times but as I've gotten used to going back to Corruption spec I've gotten more used to it. If you can kite/los you can usually consume--the key is proactively taking available consumption opportunities with your Force Bending when you don't intend to use the stacks for Revivification right then. When I first went back to corruption for 2.0 I was no longer used to this so my Force management sucked, but now it's rare for me to be ooF for more than a couple seconds.

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