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05.13.2013 , 10:38 AM | #127
The one that got me this weekend went like this. Running one if the FPs, I forget now which one, and our healer has to drop shortly after the start. A pain but sith happens so we que to replace and get another healer right away. Shortly after he catches up we start moving again when someone tags me with the blue shield target, presumably to have an easier time following the tank. I grouse about it to my friend who was in group and vent with me. So me says in group to please remove shield icon from the tank as its interfering with my view of the fights. Shortly the icon disappears and we figure all us good. Until the new healer posts "well if your gonna whine about it!". Causing my reply of "Excuse me?".
His answer "That's right! I called you a pu**y!".
So as the vote kick started I said "bye" and he replied
" Go ahead! As a medic I get instant pops!".
"Not with us." I said as the vote kick booted him.
Our next medic was awesome and the run went great from that point on.