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@Lesa, I feel Ayrs' pain when it comes to the paperwork...and might have laughed a little bit to read that it's probably the first time in the station's history anyone stuck to the rules.
Best context for Kira's statement yet. I can't imagine public transit on Coruscant being a welcoming experience.

@Magdalane, this one freaked me out So glad her friends were still nearby.

@marissalf, poor Rissia! I think thrantas are beautiful but I suspect I would be a lot less calm about it if faced with the prospect of actually flying on one.

@Tatile, I'm relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who finds herself...overwhelmed? attempting baking. A shower and a change of clothes...yup.

Planes, Trains and Thrantamobiles with a side of What's in a Name? for Nalenne. No game spoilers. 250 words.

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