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Its so hard to not let him play. He wants to so bad, he wants to join in on the fun. As a father it is my job to teach and guide him its just hard because he has his own opinion on how to any. As long as he keeps asking, I can't quit on him.

I'm just pointing it out that some people just don't grasp it. I never though mmos where so "hard" that they excluded the simple minded people but I'm starting to feel that way now. I can't even go to both or any of the other planets that have gsi dailies without at least one person sending me a whisper asking for help on their class story. Really? I have blown through four class stories now and ha e never once asked for help.

Its hard to say no to someone ewho wants to play a game that you yourself enjoy so much. I only hope that for every group that has to suffer with him will one day be in a group that I am in and get a free ride from start to end. Yes, I have a dps a heals and a tank, all end game geared and its very rare that any group I find myself lucky to be in has a "hard" time. Maybe those good experiences will out weight the bad. Maybe.
I understand. But there are not only 2 ways how to deal with this - let him play or not let him play. Why not tell him something like "next time I watch you play this FP and you do this right according to what I told you, or you won't play next week".

Personally I think you'd be surprised how quick he'd start to learn.