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05.13.2013 , 02:04 AM | #20
So the majority of people once again are, fck you, we dont give a ****, its bugged but deal with it.

Not like we are the people paying for the game to stay up. Sorry but the customer is right, if it was a bug that gave players an unfair advantage bioware would have the whole dev team fixing it, but when its a bug that ruins the game they could give a **** less. You people are the reason so much is wrong with the world, oh too bad just deal with it, get arrested wrongfully who cares deal with it as long as it dont happen to me, get hit by a car who cares deal with it we dont give a ****.

Ive never seen a game with more of a lack of customer care than this ****. Its pathetic, everyones attitude is who cares deal with it, its a ******** bug and needs fixed or the cooldown on our breaks need drasically reduced during this flashpoint, to like 30 seconds or so instead of 2 minutes, there thats an easy fix for it.

Lower cooldown during fight or give an item that breaks shackles will a lower cooldown that would be even easier.

Pathetic and sickening