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Some people need to realize that mmos are just not their thing. God forbid any of these people started playing mmos back in the eq days or even later games like swg pre cu.
To be fair, these are the same people that I used to dominate when I played games like Counter-Strike and Halo. I would never call myself good, but when your opponent's only concept of gameplay is to rush you off spawn over and over, feeding you kills like a mindless bot (in fact, Counter-Strike bots played smarter than most players), it's not hard to look amazing.

All some people need is some help and guidance, which is great. When someone wants to learn it honestly makes my day, just because it's so rare. But some people cannot or will not learn: they may be legitimately mentally impaired, they may lack the abstract reasoning to comprehend game mechanics, or they may simply lack any internal motivation to actually play well. Whatever the case, they're beyond hope.
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