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Its sad but most new players don't learn it from doing it either. Case in point, I have a friend that has played mmos for a few years now and never gets into flashpoints/dungeons or operations/ raids because he just doesn't get it. The basics are there but that is all. My 12 year old son has been beggin to play for a while now and I got him going on a f2p account and yes been at it for a couple of months and no matter what I tell him, or what I show him, he runs every flashpoint like he is the Juggernaut from a halo or modern warfare game

No matter how many times he died, or the number of groups he gets kicked from, he just doesn't learn. When we watches me play, he just doesn't seem to catch on. When something bad happens, he domains about the game being over tuned or too difficult. I can't tell you how many times I've had to play through parts of his class story because he has been stuck for hours. There are a lot of players out there like these two I know and its sad because they are the ones causing mmos to be dumbed down. Some people need to realize that mmos are just not their thing. God forbid any of these people started playing mmos back in the eq days or even later games like swg pre cu.
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