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05.12.2013 , 09:23 PM | #21
Subscriber here. I second this, partially. My suggestion is to just add another tier in the group finder for story mode EV/KP/EC, and allow level 55 characters to queue for it. My reasons:

1. With the double experience weekends and now with experience boosts, it's very likely that a player will get to level 55 before trying these operations.
2. The gear dropped in these operations are important and helpful for obtaining the kind of gear that a level 55 player needs to advance.
3. Organizing a group in general chat is nearly impossible. Trolling for volunteers, matching up the correct roles, is painful. Besides, players waste time waiting on the fleet to find 8 players, whereas with group finder I can be anywhere, doing other missions, while the group is put together for me.
4. Organizing through a guild is just as bad. Many guilds are disorganized and unreliable, and require external resources to organize something like this.
5. Level 55s can already queue in group finder for easier missions -- why omit these? It's not like the level 55 players are going to be too strong for them.
6. Allowing them playable by level 50-54 means you can only do them two or three times, max, before they're no longer available.
7. They're fun, and I want to play them with an alternate character that (due to reason #1) that has already reached level 55. I played each several times as a damage dealer before 2.0, and now I'd like to try being a tank or healer. No such luck, my tank is already level 55.
8. Quite frankly I'm afraid to try SV ant TfB with my current gear. Without these operations available it'll take forever to get there.
9. I shouldn't be penalized for achieving the max level in the game,
10. Because players want it.