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One word, so many giggles

Icerose, Xenobiology lessons are fun. I always enjoy reading about species I don’t know a whole lot about, and it makes sense that K'saren would have to explain her abilities/limitations to the crew.

Lesaberisa, I’d imagine it would be quite the spectacle to see Jedi taking public transit, and I like the thought of these big, powerful Jedi having to do something so normal as take the bus (so to speak).

Magdalane, Your Corso is just the sweetest thing ever. And how scary the accident must have been for both of them.

Now for a couple fairly short stories for SW Rissia.
NotLP: Confessions
With Rissia and Vette. No spoilers. Takes place mid-Act I

With Rissia and Quinn. No spoilers. Takes place on Alderaan in Act I.