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While they are fantastic, the decision to make them H4's was a poor one in my opinion.
The first few weeks had thousands going through it and LFG spam was so constant, it was pretty easy to get it done. Fast forward to now, and those LFG are drying up, and can now be many days to get into a group for them, and what about a few months time? it will be close to impossible to get a group for, you may have to spam the fleet for weeks on end, but one thing is certain, it is much more difficult as time goes by, and that is poor design.
I think the answer is to make the heroics repeatable weekly with 5 elite comms as reward, that will make it enticing enough for some to want to do it, and help the people as they come along to this part of the mission to be able to do it.
This is the same issue that happened with HK was released. For the first few weeks it was pretty easy to find the components since lots of people were searching and a lot of ground was covered really quickly. After a month or two it became a long slog to find them on your own. The issue is slightly different but remains that it is more difficult and tedious to do these as time goes on.

For the Seeker droid finale you can at least out gear it as the mechanics don't actually require 4 people, it could even be retuned to a H2+ in a couple of months when interest is low. The Shroud on the other hand needs 4 players to hit consoles at multiple points so retuning it isn't really feasible. If you added a couple of extra bosses and turned it into a 50/55 FP though, I'd do that multiple times and you could just GF it. It's already halfway there.
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