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But this issue always rears it's ugly head when the game is based around gear and has a need/greed system.You would of thought that bw or any new mmo company knows the issues this type of system causes,it's a pity they just didn't add in a system like they have GW2 even though GW2 came out after swtor it isn't a new idea. or follow FF online where they take the armour drops out of the game totally and you have to make your armour,can't see that going down to well in this game but ya get my drift there are other options.
This was one of the things I enjoyed about City of Heroes; because each character got drops directly to them from defeated mobs (enhancements, salvage, inspirations, recipes, merits, and incarnate shards/threads for the endgame content), there was never -- with the exception of a single endgame raid early in the game, and that was quickly corrected -- way for characters to 'steal' loot. And CoH was released six months before WoW, so the concept was definitely out there and visible before SWTOR went into development.

The same thing could be done to SWTOR, although it would be slightly more complicated because of its reliance on gear (there were no class-specific enhancements in CoH -- a Damage enhancement, for example, could be slotted into any power that did damage, regardless of the character's archetype). It could still be handled with a clever loot generation algorithm -- if the loot generator produces a gear drop that will go to a character, and the RNG determines that it's blue or better quality, then it generates the item from a table specific to the recipient's class (or specialization, if they wanted to make sure that, say, Guardians got heavy armor and Sentinels got medium armor). It might be necessary to tweak the drop rate to ensure that the total amount of blue or better gear stayed about the same, but having the game feed drops directly to the recipients would completely eliminate ninja looting (and as a sop to the people who try to justify 'need' on gear their character can't use as gearing a companion, the devs could make the blue-or-better generator randomly produce some fraction of the drops as gear one of their companions can use, or -- more usefully, create an Exchange Broker that you could go to with blue, purple, or customizable bind-on-legacy gear and, for a price, exchange it for comparably-statted gear for a different class, gear type, or primary stat). Which, of course, would simply mean that all the whining about ninja looting would just change to whining about the inequities of how their [insert class here] never gets good drops, while the [insert class here] on the team always gets gear; I guess MMO players just need something to complain about, or they're not happy.