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05.12.2013 , 07:07 PM | #126
I just had a run in SM Cademimu with a level 30 Marauder who was mysteriously squishy for a Marauder. He had 2000 (!) less Health than the Sorcerer that was 4 levels below him.

At first he kept Needing all the Cunning pieces that dropped, annoying me immensely (healing as Operative), but I was like "okay w/e" because after a weekend full of non-stop ninjas with horrible excuses, I was too tired to get into an argument.

So I inspected him after awhile, expecting to see he was wearing all green Cunning gear or something and that would explain his terrible DPS and very low Health. Instead, he was wearing full Strength gear... but it was all level 19 or lower, a mix of blues / oranges from Hammer Station and questing greens from Dromund Kaas.

At the Wookiee boss, a pair of level 30 Medium Strength leggings dropped. I was feeling exasperated and michievous, so I Needed on the Strength pants as a tīt-for-tat statement. To my , he Passed on the Strength leggings. After Needing every Cunning drop until that point. Wait... what?

I mentioned this in pchat and he explained "Mine are better". I then tried to Trade him the level 30 Strength leggings, explaining they were much better than the level 19 blue legs he was wearing. He refused to believe me, adamantly insisting his level 19 blue was superior, and kept refusing the trade window until I gave up.

Along the way to Ortal, a level 30 Cunning earpiece dropped. He Needed it immediately, and won it.

But at the last boss, a level 30 Strength saber and a level 30 Strength... chest or something, dropped. He Passed on both. I tried to suggest they were upgrades (level 19 lightsaber in both hands, level 19 gear everywhere else) and he again refused, telling me to "leave him alone".

It was a surreal experience.