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I had a lot of this going on this weekend too. Something in the water?

Highlights include:
  • Assassin Needing all Cunning gear, because "I need it for a friend lol" (every time)
  • Mercenary Needing all Cunning gear, because "i nee ddit for companion,they .have to reach get head" (yes, that's an exact quote; no, I don't know)
  • Marauder Needing ... literally everything, and claiming "Sorry, I hit the wrong button" every time then saying "Sorry I'm F2P I can't fix it :( really sorry" then quickly canceling when I tested it and opened a Secure Trade with him... multiple times
  • Sorcerer Needing a Cunning vibroknife, because "uhhhhh, I use offhands too ... don't be a jerk"
  • Sniper Needing a Blaster Pistol, because "It has a barrel upgrade", then furiously raging when the Powertech tank Needs the Sniper Rifle that drops later, because "It has a barrel upgrade, man!"
  • Juggernaut Needing a Heavy Aim chest, "for Vette", followed by an Aim Shield Generator, "for Vette"
  • Assassin tank wielding a single-bladed Strength lightsaber ("it was better than my other one"), Needs a Strength earpiece (but loses, then says in chat: "FFFFUUUUUUU i really wanted that!!") and then later Needs a Heavy Strength chest and, when questioned by the Juggernaut DPS, responds with: "oh I'm sorry little man, did you not win the gear you wanted?"

This made me lol and cry because it sounds all to familiar. I seen a lot of this going on this weekend. I was on my fresh 55 vanguard tank yesterday, and the vanguard dps stole my tank pants from hammer station. When I said I needed those he said he wasn't sure or not. Not sure? I tanked the run in 27k HP and the dps had more HP then me! C'mon!! He was nice and gave them to me but still, If I wouldn't have qqed about it, I would have lost them to the 32k HP dps vanguard
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