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Oh my , what the hell was that lol? The reason ya'll wiped a million times is because a) you didn't spread out b) melee zerg'd and the boss knocked back the whole group (lol) c) the tank kited d) your backs were not facing the wall e) melee stayed clumped up around the boss (need 5m or more between players)
horrible run , and very disorganized.
I was merc. Shackles are meaningless to me.. We don't need to spread a lot, it doesn't matter that we all get knock back. We can kill the boss even when he shackles 3 people at times; only if shackles don't bug.

note: I've already got the 25 times hm achievement on this boss.

You can see that we killed him just by changing tank to Sin thereby bypassing shackle-bug:

note: tank is the same person. he just switched to his sin tank so that we can finish the instance after bugs.

Bug is a bug. Don't defend it troll.