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My general strategy is to point out, at the start of the instance (generally within 1-2 trash pulls) that the person came in under the wrong role (as a tank, it's pretty easy to tell when the healer is actually a DPS when you didn't get any heals during the pulls). I then ask/tell them to respec and put on appropriate gear (both must be fulfilled; I'm not going to let a KC specced Shadow with DPS gear on remain as a DPS, and I'm not going to accept a tank that swaps to DPS that doesn't actually have a full or near full DPS set; I actually had this happen with a tank that misqueued once: when called out on it, he refused to respec and said that he had DPS gear, which ended up being an ear, a single implant, and a chest piece). If they can't or won't do so, I put them on ignore and initiate a vote kick (I'm not going to run without an effective healer or tank, nor am I willing to carry a tank or healer that thinks they can DPS with their current gear and spec). As a tank, the threat of the DPS having to go through the several hour requeue combined with a reticence to tolerate people unwilling to adapt to their given role properly, generally means that they vote to kick. If they *don't* vote to kick, I drop out myself. I'm a tank: if i don't like the group, I've still got an instant-queue and they're waiting for a tank for the next however long.
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