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I have found the same on my Server,I tend to just voice my annoyance and then if they do it again just leave the group and place the person on ignore.
I am making sure at the moment that my Sorcerer is well geared with mods pre level 55 so if someone does need on an item for my class It doesn't cause me any issues,what will happen when I hit 55 will be another story,but I have found with my Gunslinger that ninja looting isn't as bad if it happens at all in lvl 55 FP's.
But this issue always rears it's ugly head when the game is based around gear and has a need/greed system.You would of thought that bw or any new mmo company knows the issues this type of system causes,it's a pity they just didn't add in a system like they have GW2 even though GW2 came out after swtor it isn't a new idea. or follow FF online where they take the armour drops out of the game totally and you have to make your armour,can't see that going down to well in this game but ya get my drift there are other options .

I found that in GW2 they removed the 3 major ranting issues :-

1.Loot ninja's we all have our own gear drop no one can ninja it or even see it
2 Node pinching always was a major headache in EQ2 people camping nodes for raws etc ,everyone can harvest the same node at the same time.
3. Stealing kill updates even if someone else hits the same mob you are going for as long as you hit it you will get exp and quest update(only minor annoyance is players tagging mobs then running off)

Take theses out of the game and grouping,leveling,harvest becomes less stress full and enjoyable,not saying this game should be like GW2 or any other mmo,but the ideas they came up with to solve some heated issues was a welcome change.
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