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OK nerf Revan : - )

Some interesting storries here, would really like new KOTOR game.
They've already said they aren't going to do it. They did SWtOR instead, IF you really want to play KotOR 3, play the Jedi Knight. That is generally thought (can anyone verify that it is official that it would have been?) to be what KotOR 3's story would be, had there been a KotOR 3. However, they decided to make many classes, many stories, and expand the game and story far more than just a single player single story arc.

So, look at it that way... Instead of JUST KotOR 3 being the story of the Jedi Knight (yes, you could probably start as a consular if you wanted, but that's not the point, the story would be the same), you now have that one, plus ANOTHER Unique JEdi Consular story PLUS a Sith Inquisitor, Sith Warrior... even smugglers, imperial agents, bounty hunters, and republic troopers. 6 UNIQUE but interwoven stories with full light side and darkside choices... instead of one... now, by what I've said... would you give up SWtOR for a SINGLE story called KotOR 3?
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