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05.12.2013 , 12:13 AM | #1
Atleast on the harbinger, 3 groups ive been in today people have been need rolling on everything(including greens).
as 2 of them i just left since i was tanking and noone in the group really said anything, but the 3rd i was dps and really didnt want to wait in the queue again also the other 2 members were vocal about it aswell,
It seems some of these "Ninjas" dont feel they are being greedy he even offered to give anything if anyone needed it.

I know its been said but there needs to be a system that lets you only need on it if its your main stat since we apparently cant trust people to be courteous about it, especially since you can trade loot even if someone "Needs" for companion the winner can just give them the item sure its an extra step and gamers are lazy but i think we can manage....maybe.