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05.11.2013 , 09:44 PM | #14
I haven't seen any numbers, but Dark Heal did change with 2.0. It heals a lot more now, so the 'best' cast or rotation may not necessarily be the same as it was pre 2.0, when DI was stated as the best option.

Also, In PvP DI is just too slow. If your target is really being attacked, there is a fair chance they will be dead before your cast is finished.

I ran into a sorc the other day who did 1.3mill heals in hypergate, and always tops 1m every time I see her. I asked her what she does. She never uses DI - and her rotation never runs out of force. I think the key to that, from memory, was to cast Consumption every time after casting Innervate - and using resurgence at every opportunity.

For me, the difference in cast time - as I mainly pvp my sorc now, means that I am not interested in using DI, especially as I am not having resource issues now.