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So why base content representation on percentages rather than actual numbers?

If people who want SGRA and related content number 100k subs and subs are at 500k*, why ignore them? That's 100,000 people who are basically being told they don't matter and then members of that community are going to leave, because they've been told that they don't matter. So half of them leave, and you go down to 450k subs and then the story content doesn't get updated, because it's "hard" and you have vocal groups that want more resources to PvP and PvE content, so you lose more subs and go down to, say, 350k subs. And then you have people complaining that the game becomes just another WoW clone that funnels you from one raid to the next without any breath of life in it and a piecemeal story, because story isn't important.

Yes, a hyperbolic example, but one of the arguments I've seen against SGRA and companion updates is that story doesn't matter or that story content should take a backseat to PvE and PvP development. Story content takes a long time to develop and quality test, but it's what is setting this game apart at the moment.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Maybe it should be that Developers should let every aspect of their player base (the lore fiends, the roleplayers, the PvPers, the PvEers and casuals) know that they matter, so that everyone can feel like they matter and we can stop with gosh darn, pissing contest where people ***** and moan about this or that content being a resources hog and belaying their pet project, because their needs trump everyone else's idea of fun because it's theirs.

*made up numbers because reasons
It takes a bit of everything to keep a good population going in a MMO imo. PvE, PvP, RP tools, Story, ect ect...

Sadly, the devs can't take care of all those communities at once. Somethings are way less cost effective than others as well, even if the devs WANT to add it. Not to mention, those who generally want somethings added, even if they REALLY FRIKKIN WANT IT, may be a group of players that really won't leave if it's not added or added fast enough.

Not to mention, just using your numbers (I realize you made them up), yes, there might be 100,000 players wanting SGRA, but really, only 10 of them are willing to actually leave over it. Look over past posts when it was suggested to show them you want it, and vote with your money.

That didn't go over well did it? In fact, most said it was a terrible idea as it defeated a cause.

Devs have a balancing act of having to decide what updates will appease the most players, while being cost effective. The devs themselves probably want to continue class storylines for instance, but factoring in all the options for 8 different classes, they already said was the hardest part.

Still, even for TOR, the story driven MMO, I still find more people (in my in game experience) care more about the game play than the story, which falls more inline with "that's nice" than "can't live without".
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