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It occurred to me, not everyone has taken an alien Agent to hit on Watcher Two. She brings up her superior mental abilities if you try to chat her up: "I'm the product of six generations of selective breeding. I can plot hyperspace routes in my head. You'll forgive me if I'm not charmed by an alien." Well, hello to you, too, gorgeous.

@Yoshi, Dankin's temptation is so awful and yet so understandable. (Ayup, sir.) Awesome piece.

@Tatile, I felt briefly awful for thinking "I'd prefer an internally heated transport" while looking at tauntauns; then I thought, nah, no shame. The heat source is right there in case of emergency.

@kabe, I think Wynston would self-consciously explain that the "Listen!" is a traditional folklore callout, and then self-consciously explain its recurrence when it came to the resolution/moral of the story, feeling foolish about it the whole time. But if he's going to do it he may as well do it right, so the callouts happen.

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Remember this above all else, Jaesa. the Jedi are wrong in trying to get rid of emotions, for we can't. We are all wired to have emotions, and to not acknowledge them will bring about fall of them.
An observation would-be Force masters would do well to heed. Then again, I might be unfairly biased in favor of Sith...
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