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Um the point of Bolster is to ensure PvP is NOT vastly superior. If that was the goal you wouldn't have Bolster.

There's nothing you can do here that will make your gear better than Conqueror. What it will do is allow you to very quickly come up with a gear that is competitive against Conqueror. You still want Conqueror in the long run.
And the point of changing expertise to as huge as it is now is to make expertise (And therefore pvp gear) absolutely better than any other stat for pve.

But bolster, as you said, was to make pvp gear not vastly superior. Even though 60% is vastly superior.

The two philosophies contradict each other, which is part of the problem with bolster imo
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Bioware couldn't balance a sheet of plywood if it were laying [sic] on the ground.
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Make sure you take 3/3 in the "knowing how to play" box