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05.11.2013 , 04:37 PM | #67
A lot of people seem to be missing a huge point. No matter what you do with your PvE gear, short of aug exploit it'll never be better than Conqueror. But you can come up with something that is competitive against Conqueror if you're clever with the system. Your end goal is still always Conqueror.

Partisan is only inferior to PvE gear if you can't afford to aug it (a very legitmate concern). I can see the argument for augmenting Black Market gear as this will double as very good PvE gear while being slightly better than Partisan unaugged. This allows you to aug only 2 sets of gear instead of 3 (Partisan, Conqueror, and some PvE gear). Note that Partisan augged will easily beat BM augged or anything else that isn't Conqueror augged. It's just that the augment costs are prohibitive on your third set of gear that most don't do it.