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Bolster on 55 lvl is very good thing. Why? Because if you use it rigth, you never get bad gear gap disadvantage with your other mates or enemies. Now after 2.0 indeed, skill > gear, and it is great.

Before 2.0, when you join wz (in your full min/max ewh certainly) and see 2-3 mates in recruit 13 k hp gear.. or, if worse, in pure pve gear with 0 expertise... dunno how are you, but I always leave before these wz starts. Now all mates have much more good chances for good playing.

Part 1. Gear

There are 4 kind of gear pieces, which have different Bolster influence:
* earpiece and implants
* relics
* mainhand and offhand
* armor gear

Further some rules for ARMOR GEAR ONLY:

Do not use old battlemaster and champion mods, armorings ets.
Do not use old Recruit.
Do not use old wh/ewh relics.
If you will use it, you get SIGNIFICAL LOSE of your *Bolstered* expertise.

2. NEVER MIX *new* PvP and any PvE mods in same piece of gear
For example, never put single Partisan armoring in shell with other any PvE mods.
If you will use it, you get SIGNIFICAL LOSE of your *Bolstered* expertise.

3. NEVER USE PvP and PvE gear in one set in general
You need or full PvP Armor gear, or full PvE Armor gear. If you will have, for example, PvE chest but PvP legs, you lose expertise.

This is things about armor.

But whats about earpieces and implants?
Wonderful, but Bolster practically dont affected them!
The best implants and earpieces with best stats indeed crafted 53-54 levels! You lose only around -2 /-8 *Bolstered* expertise when use these implants, but get plenty useful stats compared with Conqueror ones (but Conqueror still have better endurance).

What about relics?
Best relics is now new PvP ones, cuz Bolster count expertise on them *as is* and dont *bolstered* to up level. Get them first.

What about mainhand and offhand?
Like for armor pieces, you lose expertise when use any PvE piece of gear higher than 63 grade, but they can bring you additional damage for 66 grade, 69 or 72. Indeed, there is no significal difference in Conqueror 65 grade with crafted 66 grade purple (+10 damage, -10 expertise) or 69/72 (more damage, less expertise). Since hard cap expertise now 2018, I think *soft cap* good around ~1850, so for min/max you can use PvE 66/69/72 instead of Conqueror.

Part 2. Learn to play

In new rules of Bolser, there is only ~10-15% gear gap between 4 kinds of gear grind:
(old min/max WH/EWH 61/63) * Bolster (+ probably Conqueror mainhand) = (crafted blue/purple min/max 66 gear) * Bolster = (dropped fp/ops purple 69/72 gear) * Bolster = Partisan (min/max)
Stock Partisan gear worse than any min/max gear above.
Mix of Partisan and any PvE gear have awful stats.

Conqueror gear seems on 5-10% better than min/max Partisan gear and crafted 66 grade gear (have more expertise, endurance and mainstat, less secondary stats like power, shield, absorb, crit etc)
So, there is several ways to gear up with Bolster after 2.0 (you must have as true pvp'er 4500 ranked and 2750 wz commz when you ding 55 lvl):
* Use your old ewh min/max gear or
* Craft for yourself 66 level min/max (!!!) blue/purple gear
* Buy Partisan and Conqueror relics for your wz commz
* (optional) Buy Conqueror mainhand for your wz commz
* Buy or craft for yourself purple 53/54 lvl earpiece and implants

- and you will be *golden* and competitive on wz.

Use that gear until you get full min/max Partisan or ever full min/max Conqueror.

For example, yesterday on wz my *nerfed in ground* assault vanguard, with full old good ewh min/max armor, conqueror mainhand, pvp relics and crafted earpieces and implants (have overall *bolstered* 1963 expertise, 1586 primary damage) I make 870k damage + 50 k protection and was only #2 on dps scoreboard, after full min/max conqueror focus sentinel who makes 1 million damage. And yes, we win that wz.

Or, for another example, my guardian tank have bolstered 1873 expertise, 47% passive armor mitigation, 39k hp, 13% defence, 39% shield and 31% absorb + yet two shield proc relics which add me yet 10-15% absorb (=40-45% absorb overall) half-time. And I am very very fat and happy guardian. Have full 66 purple gear (+ old 61 wh armorings for set bonus) + pvp proc relics.

Part 3. Min/max your Bolster

1. Get purple crafted 53/54 lvl earpiece and implants
2. Get Partisan and Conqueror relics for Power proc if you are dps or healer and Partisan + Conqueror relics for shield if you are tank
3. Get full min/max Conqueror armor
4. Get 72 grade hilt/barrel for mainhand/offhand
5. Profit

Hope, this research help you in playing and may the Force be with you!
So what happened to big bogus baloney, skill should matter, not the gear. It's just like the old system except now the bolster makes PvE gear better than the PvP. How is it any better? Get real, and stop trying to rationalize this madness.