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OP's goal was to dispel this idiotic (due to shoddy outreach work by Bioware) mystery and along with several other posters he did a good job of it. So if anyone is still clueless the fault is entirely theirs.
How many of your average PvPers do you think actually read anything on the forum, let alone this specific post?

Also, the fact that even the thread opener's post contains errors about the function of bolster, in spite of the extensive time he obviously put into testing it, demonstrates how confusing it is. I already pointed out the errors on page 2, but here's a repeat in case you missed it.

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3. NEVER USE PvP and PvE gear in one set in general
You need or full PvP Armor gear, or full PvE Armor gear. If you will have, for example, PvE chest but PvP legs, you lose expertise.
Lots of great information here, but this part is incorrect. While replacing war hero with Partisan/Conqueror armor, one piece at a time, my post-bolster expertise gain was exactly 1 expertise per piece. With full war hero (except the relics -- relics were matrix cube and light side relic), I had 2004 expertise. It went up to 2006 when I got a Conqueror blaster and Partisan scattergun, 2007 when I replaced an armor piece, 2008 when I replaced another armor piece, and so on. Perhaps it is true for people with higher rated stuff than war hero, but for old non-expertise armor from back when the level cap was 50, there does not appear to be any expertise bolster penalty for mixing sets, so long the PvP and PvE mods are on separate pieces of equipment.
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What about relics?
Best relics is now new PvP ones, cuz Bolster count expertise on them *as is* and dont *bolstered* to up level. Get them first.
Since I had 2004 expertise before I even started getting Conqueror/Partisan, or in other words 2018-14, or -1 expertise per piece of gear, I don't think this is correct. I take an expertise penalty if I unslot my relics altogether and leave them empty, or if I use old war hero relics that already have expertise on them, but as long as I have any old non-expertise relics there, bolster seems to bring them up to Conqueror/Partisan minus 1 expertise. For the record, I'm using a matrix cube and a light side relic.

If even those of us who are testing bolster to try to explain it to others are making mistakes, how much more confusing must it be for someone just hoping that whatever they already have is good enough? To be sure, many of the random people I inspect in warzones have less expertise, by several hundred points or more, than I had before I even it 55, even when they have more pieces of Partisan/Conqueror gear than I do.