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Outnumbered by who? The small majority of people that bother to post on the forums? Or the even smaller group of people who like the status quo of an unbalanced wz? In game I rarely come across anyone that actually likes huttball. The design of the map is garbage, and all the flaws of the games mechanics shine in huttball.

No DR on roots, too long of stuns, resolve is a joke, and the gametype itself favors certain class setups when in reality the game should be about control of the map/ball not who has the most teammates with friendly pulls,force speeds, rollers and leapers.

The only way to move the ball should be through walking and passing, but as is certain classes can completely ignore the fire traps which makes them completely pointless. You want past the fire trap? Someone should be ahead of you to receive a pass. Rolling, leaping or using force speed should immediately cause the ball to reset.

Huttball is a joke.
5 pages, yours is the only post I see saying they dislike it. I only ever see threads asking for more huttball, no other maps. I don't think I've ever seen anyone complain about getting huttball either. Meh