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Thanks for the compliment!

On the time issue, unfortunately because of the way the combat logs are created by the game, this is a necessary evil. It doesn't always cause issues, but it can, and this is why I have the message pop-up if your time is too far off from what it should be. I've been working on a way for the client to automatically handle any time discrepancies, but I'm having limited success with it so far... needs more work.

As for your suggestion, I have it in my list of things to do already. Thanks!
Thanks for the reply!

Glad to hear that a stopwatch is already on the to-do list, I'm super excited to see it if/when it's ready.

I understand the necessary evil when it comes to group parsing, and after the fact thought a little more about it and realized that trying to build in more buffer when just solo-parsing probably isn't worth the time or the headache. It's not too onerous to re-sync to the NTP server, and probably a much simpler workaround overall than trying to outsmart Father Time or brute force every corner case with specialized code.
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