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I am relativly new to lvl55 Merc healing but I always have the most trouble when dps gets trigger happy and pulls before the tank. Happens a lot in pug groups. Sometimes i have issues with a tank that cant hold agro and I get facerolled by a mob of mando dogs. Loving being a healer though it is a good change from dps. Happy to say only wipes caused have been from poor tanking agro management. Have not found any 55 HMs that have rediculous healing needed.
Easy fix. Rambo dps doesn't recieve anymore healing.

If or when 3 people attack 3 different mobs and the loose ones are hitting me, someone is going to die and it's not me or the tank.

Yes they rage at me, no i do not care. They usually shutup and focus fire after each died 2 or 3 times in a row.
This happened frequently when I was geared in Black Hol gear. Now I am in full 69 + some 72 and it doesnt happen anymore but when it does I just let him die.