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05.11.2013 , 11:45 AM | #3172
@bright I liked the idea of traditional story telling for Chiss beginning with a call out. I wonder if Wynston told it to Vector the same way.
Watcher Two/Wynston was brilliant, I love her surprise that he was actually listening. I love the different reactions to dealing with the strange living mount, bonus for Wynston for dealing with primitive creature + outdoor elements.

@Striges One of my favorite parts of the smuggler class line is when she's in the separatist base and goes "By the Stars someone must be invading our base!" or something like that. The first character I got anywhere with was the smuggler and the fact that that actually WORKED had me sold. It's great that you mentioned the smugglers mad con-artist skills.
One of the reasons I don't make a Twi'lek is the hat issue. She should have given the hat to Corso, he could bring the thunder

@marissalf eeee. <3 Vector and Kinka.

@Tatile Poor Broan, I sympathise. (As a person who really really doesn't like being out in the sun)

@Magdalane They say that the Jedi do not keep much in personal possessions only what they can take with them. I'm glad to see Magdalane makes it count

@Adwynyth When I built my Miraluka I wondered why I could see eye makeup showing at the sides of some of the masks, now I know. I also, love the idea of a girls night out with Keeper.