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Also, Nalenne's shoes, I was reminded of these at the end.
Headcanon accepted!

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Bright, Love the banter between Wynston and Watcher Two. I get the impression he’d be able to wear her down eventually if he really wanted to.
In my headcanon he never does. The over-the-top advances and cold responses started when she was just another beautiful but racist supervisor with an incurable superiority complex who deserved to be nudged out of her royal comfort zone and he was just an uppity unwashed alien who needed to be put in his place; as mutual respect was earned the verbal dynamic just never changed and it was understood that the physical dynamic would never change, either. (She does, for all that she respects and eventually likes him, find him thoroughly physically unattractive.) It’s the most platonic sexual harassment situation Wynston’s ever gotten himself into, and oddly enough, he likes it.

Now, Transportation: Tauntaun Roundup. Assorted characters react to some point on Hoth where they’re obliged to use tauntaun mounts.

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